Zitate & Lebensweisheiten...

Eine kleine Auswahl an finnischen und anderen Sprichwörtern und Zitaten - unterlegt mit Impressionen aus dem hohen Norden. 

Quotes & proverbs...

A small selection of Finnish and other proverbs and quotes - highlighted with impressions from the far north.

Good advice is like snow. The quieter he falls, the longer he stays down. (Finnish proverb)

The lie rides, the truth walks, but arrives at the right time. (Finnish proverb)

Anyone who jumps in at the deep end dives into a sea of ​​possibilities. (Finnish proverb)

If that what you want to say isn't nicer than silence, then be silent. (Chinese proverb)

If you ask, you won't get lost. (Finnish proverb)

Everything great that happened in the world first took place in man's imagination. (Astrid Lindgren)

Freedom means that you don't necessarily have to do everything like other people. (Astrid Lindgren)